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We Know Your Concerns

Businesswoman with Mask

Your child may not receive targeted consulting and proper guidance at school.

Man with Mobile Phone

Your child’s school has so many academic subjects and you are not sure what applies to your student for future planning.

Your child’s school doesn’t offer a comprehensive guidance counseling office for future academic planning.

Stressed Woman

You are worried about your child’s school campus life, and are concerned that your child might be bullied or isolated.

Doing Homework

You are anxious about your child’s school life and his/her study habits.

Guitar Class

You are worried that your child might be discriminated against or treated differently among peers.

Our Mission and Vision

We are committed to:

  1. Supporting communication among students, parents and educational institutions

  2. Assisting in assessing students’ true academic capabilities for various academic subjects

  3. Paying close attention to our students’ academic and social lives

  4. Providing school-transfer support services if necessary

You can expect: 


  1. Personalized customization of in-class activities

  2. Strict implementation of set goals

  3. Strengths-mining and character building

  4. The optimal application strategy

  5. The construction of an exemplar essay

  6. Exclusive mock-admissions committee to maximize confidence in applying for college 

We are champions for their success!

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