Ms. Yao

Counselor/ Project Manager

After graduating with a M.A in teaching, Ms. Yao became a university instructor and was recognized and awarded “exemplary campus teacher” for her outstanding teaching abilities and responsible attitude. In addition, she also holds eight years of education management experience, and has served as the head of teaching in both China and the United States, overseeing core educational features like guiding and managing curriculum designs and arranging activities and academic assessments, among others. Her duality in possessing both teaching and administrative experience and talents has shaped her to be an empathetic teacher who understands the demands of students and is a consistent performer herself. At SEED education, in addition to being a well-loved consultant teacher, Ms. Yao also serves as a reliable project manager. She is responsible for enhancing communication among students, teachers, and parents, and ensuring that each student's plan is ultimately implemented and executed. Ms. Yao believes that the unity of knowledge and action is particularly important in planning for further studies. Only in the cycle of setting, accomplishing, and challenging higher goals can students develop greater resilience and fortitude in experiencing personal breakthroughs and feeling increased self-confidence in their true abilities.

Wechat ID: SEED_admin

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